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    Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) & Fundamentals of Surveying (FS) Examination

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    NCEES is transitioning the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) and Fundaments of Surveying (FS) exams to computer-based testing beginning in January 2014. A special NCEES website (http://cbt.ncees.org/) about the new program provides answers to frequently asked questions, a map of testing sites, and other information to help ease the transition to computer-based testing.

    Outlined below are important changes affecting APELSCIDLA Board applicants.


    Applying for EIT/SIT Designation

    Currently, applicants first apply to DPOR to obtain exam eligibility. Beginning in January 2014, under the new computer-based testing, applicants will instead attest that they meet Board regulations when they first register with NCEES. Only after passing the exam will applicants then apply to the Board for the Engineer-in-Training (EIT) or Surveyor-in-Training (SIT) designation.

    However, if Board staff determines an application is incomplete (despite the applicant’s prior attestation of having satisfied the regulations), the applicant will not be granted the EIT/SIT designation until any deficiencies are resolved, even though the applicant already passed the exam.

    Exam Scheduling

    Under the current exam cycle, the FE and FS exams are only offered two times each year. Under the new computer-based testing, applicants will be offered four two-month windows each year to take the exams.

    Beginning in January 2014, there will be two months a student can take the FE or FS exam, followed by a one-month “blackout” period for reconciliation. The two-month “on”/one-month “off” cycle continues throughout the year, allowing applicants to take the exam once during each cycle (up to three times per year).

    Registration, Fees & Exam Results

    Applicants can begin registering now for the first available computer-based testing date of January 2, 2014. All testing fees are paid directly to NCEES upon registration.

    Exam results—given only as “Pass” or “Fail”—will be available for viewing by candidates through their MyNCEES account 7-10 days after taking the exam. The exam cannot be reviewed by the candidates, and scores are final and not subject to change. 

    APELSCIDLA Board staff at DPOR is excited about the improvements computer-based testing will offer exam candidates. Applicants will benefit from the opportunity additional testing opportunities will provide. 

    Please send an email or call us at (804) 367-8506 if you have any additional questions or concerns.