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    Process is open to ALL qualified Sanctioning Organizations, based in Virginia or out-of-state 

    As of Oct. 1, 2015, new law prohibits amateur events unless overseen by an approved Amateur Sanctioning Organization

    1. What's different about the revised application? 
    2. Why are the forms so long?   
    3. What if I have plans for an event this fall?  
    4. What's next? 
    5. Where do I start? Which application should I use? 
    • Go here for more general FAQs about new law regulating amateur boxing and martial arts. 


    What's different about the revised application?

    The law passed by the General Assembly prohibits a Sanctioning Organization from having a conflict of interest with a “licensee.” In order to allow more organizations to qualify for approval, DPOR will interpret licensee in this context to mean only amateur promoters. 

    The revised applications amend Question 11, to clarify:

    • No officers, employees, or agents share any financial interest or business ties to a promoter of amateur boxing/martial arts events. 

    Qualified sanctioning organizations must provide proof of a written code of conduct protecting against conflicts of interest, as well as all other statutory requirements.   


    Why are the forms so long? 

    The General Assembly wrote very strict standards into the law that DPOR must verify for each organization. DPOR tried to make the application form as user-friendly as possible, to make it easier for organizations to prove they meet the qualifications: 

    • An EXPERIENCE VERIFICATION FORM to document the required minimum five years of experience by the organization and/or members of responsible management, separately or together. 
    • All minimum provisions that must be included in the organization’s Standards and Operations to satisfy the law’s mandate that they be at least as strict as Virginia law and applicable DPOR Regulations governing professionals [pursuant to § 54.1-829.1(B) of the Code of Virginia]. 
      • The “checklist” is designed to help organizations submit a complete application by requiring applicants to provide the applicable page number for all relevant criteria (health and safety, contestant qualifications, event policies and procedures, contest rules, reporting and record-keeping requirements, etc.)   

    What if I have plans for an event this fall?  

    DPOR is approving every qualified Sanctioning Organization as quickly as possible and are interpreting the 30-day advance notice provision reasonably based on actual time constraints. 

    Once approved, Sanctioning Organizations are listed on the DPOR website as a resource. Promoters, fighters, and other event participants in amateur boxing or MMA must work through an approved Amateur Sanctioning Organization and comply with its standards and operations for any event held on or after October 1, 2015

    What’s next? 

    • DPOR staff will review applications as they are submitted and forward those that are complete to the Director for his consideration. 
    • Incomplete applications take longer to review, so be careful to answer all questions and attach all required documentation
    • Every sanctioning organization that satisfies all legal requirements will be approved by the Director.

    The Director has no legal authority to waive any of the requirements outlined in the law or the Regulations referenced in the statute. The General Assembly is responsible for creating and amending the law, not the Director or DPOR. Any changes the legislature might make to the law as currently written would not occur until its next regular session in 2016.

    Where do I start? Which application should I use?

    Under Forms & Applications at www.dpor.virginia.gov/Boards/Boxing, there are two SANCTIONING ORGANIZATION APPROVAL APPLICATION forms (go here if you have problems opening/viewing the forms)

    • AMATEUR BOXING for those applying to conduct only amateur boxing events 
    • AMATEUR MARTIAL ARTS for those applying to conduct amateur events involving full contact, international (low kick), Muay Thai (Thai boxing), San Shou (Sanda), and/or mixed martial arts (e.g., aikido, karate, judo, tae kwon do, etc.) 

    The Event Notification, Gate Fee, and other forms are for use after October 1st, once a Sanctioning Organization obtains approval. 
    Updated 9/17/2015