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    Three-Track Program (PLE 3T) Now Expired

    The Real Estate Board 30-hour Three-Track Post-License Education (PLE 3T) option expired on Dec. 31, 2013

    As of January 1, 2014, only the Single-Track Post-License Education (PLE 1T) program will satisfy the 30-hour curriculum requirement. 

    • NO PLE 3T courses taken before January 1, 2014, will count toward the 30-hour PLE requirement unless ALL 30 PLE 3T hours were completed before January 1, 2014.

    PLE Program Description

    Post-License Education (PLE) Curriculum (previously referred to as "Single-Track" or "PLE 1T")

    Section 54.1-2105.01 of the Code of Virginia requires all active new salesperson licensees to complete a Board-approved 30-hour post-license education (PLE) curriculum within one year of obtaining their salesperson licenses (in order to remain on active status). The 30-hour PLE program consists of eight courses: 

    1. Fair Housing, ADA and Civil Rights (two hours)
    2. Real Estate Law and Regulations (eight hours)
    3. Ethics and Standards of Conduct (three hours)
    4. Current Industry Issues and Trends (two hours)
    5. Agency Law (three hours)
    6. Contract Writing (six hours)
    7. Risk Management(three hours)
    8. Escrow Requirements (three hours)

    New salespersons may complete the eight courses and 30 hours among different Board-approved education providers. As of January 1, 2014, there is only one approved post-license education curriculum (without practice "tracks") that covers course topics as noted above.  

    How PLE Courses Appear on License Lookup

    For New Salespersons Licensed On or After July 1, 2013

    All new salespersons licensed on or after July 1, 2013, were automatically placed on the PLE 1T path by default in the Board’s database. Therefore, only PLE 1T hours completed will show up on a new salesperson’s “Post-License Education Record” on License Lookup. (However, if you chose to complete the PLE 3T program before it expired, only those PLE 3T hours will show up on License Lookup.)

    For New Salespersons Licensed Before July 1, 2013

    All new salespersons licensed before July 1, 2013, were placed on the now-expired PLE 3T path by default in the Board’s database. Therefore, only the PLE 3T hours completed show up on a new salesperson’s “Post-License Education Record” on License Lookup.

    New salespersons licensed before July 1, 2013, who chose instead to complete the current PLE curriculum (PLE 1T), will have only those PLE 1T hours show up on License Lookup.

    Other Important Information

    Active new salespersons who fail to complete the 30-hour PLE requirement within one year of initial licensure will be placed on inactive status. You cannot practice real estate in Virginia with an inactive license. You may re-activate your license by:

    1. Completing the 30-hour post-license education (PLE) requirement; and
    2. Completing and submitting an "Activate/Transfer Application"  - Salesperson form with the required fee.


    You may renew or reinstate an inactive new salesperson license for up to one year after the license expiration date by completing the 30-hour post-license education requirement and meeting all other renewal or reinstatement requirements.

    New Salespersons must complete the 30-hour Post-License Education requirement. They do not need to complete the 16-hour Continuing Education curriculum required of other salespersons. 

    Post-License Education and Continuing Education are two completely different types of Board-approved education. Post-License Education courses will not be accepted as Continuing Education courses and vice-versa. (Visit the Continuing Education page to learn more about those requirements.) 

    All Virginia Real Estate Salesperson Licenses--including those issued to new licensees--are valid for two years. Although New Salespersons must complete Post-License Education within one year of initial licensure to remain on active status, their license term is for two years. 

    New Salespersons will not receive any credit from the Board for any Continuing Education courses they complete before their first two-year licensure term ends. Some New Salesperson licensees may mistakenly assume that because they completed their 30-hour Post-License Education requirement, they should then immediately get started on completing the 16-hour Continuing Education hours required of them during their second two-year licensure term. This assumption is incorrect.

    New Salespersons must wait until their first two-year licensure term ends, then they can begin to take Continuing Education courses for license renewal credit. Please refer to 18 VAC 135-20-101 of the Real Estate Board Regulations, which states: "All active salespersons... shall be required to complete a total of 16 instruction hours DURING EACH LICENSING TERM." The licensee must complete the Continuing Education hours DURING the licensing term, not BEFORE the licensing term begins. 

    Residential Standard Agency Course 

    Required of ALL licensees to renew/reinstate/activate

    As a result of significant changes to state law governing residential real estate agency (Section 54.1-2130, et seq.), ALL salesperson and broker licensees who renew an active license that expires between July 31, 2012 and June 30, 2014 -- OR who activate an inactive license between July 31, 2012 and June 30, 2014 -- must complete a Board-approved three-hour course in Residential Standard Agency (RSA).

    Completion of the three-hour RSA course is a one-time only education requirement for licensees. This three-hour course is in addition to the 24 hours of Continuing Education for Brokers, the 16 hours of Continuing Education for Experienced Salespersons, and the 30 hours of Post-License Education for New Salespersons.

    NOTE: Licensees who do not practice residential real estate, and shall not do so during the current licensing term, may obtain a waiver from completing the three-hour RSA course. Licensees must submit an original, signed and notarized Residential Standard Agency Continuing Education Course Waiver Notarized Affidavit to qualify for the waiver. Copies, faxes or emails will not be accepted.