• New Law Temporarily Extends OSSP License Term

    Available on a limited basis; individuals still must apply and meet exam eligibility criteria

    A 2014 law (SB 657) directs the Board for Waterworks and Wastewater Works and Onsite Sewage System Professionals (Board) to extend the interim license expiration date for currently licensed Alternative Onsite Sewage System (AOSS) Installers under limited circumstances.

    If you hold a valid, non-expired Interim AOSS Installer license, you may be eligible* to extend the term of that interim license an additional six (6) months, in order to engage in work while having more time to take and pass the licensing exam.

    Individuals whose interim licenses have already expired are not eligible for the extension.*  

    To be eligible for the limited-time license extension, the applicant must submit a completed Exam & License Application—with application fee and documentation verifying qualifications to take the exam—so the Board receives it BEFORE the individual’s current interim license expires.

    • For example, if your interim license has an expiration date of September 30th, you should apply for the temporary extension no later than early September, in order to leave enough time for application processing. 
    • DO NOT wait until the last minute, in case there are problems with your payment or questions about your qualifications. The law does not allow Board staff to grant the license extension after your interim license expires. 


    After qualifications are verified, Board staff will issue an updated Interim AOSS Installer license with the extended expiration date (an additional six (6) months). Board staff also will send an Examination Eligibility Letter to the applicant and the exam vendor (PSI). The applicant is then responsible for contacting PSI to schedule the exam and paying the exam fee.

    Once the applicant passes the exam (PSI will transmit scores automatically), Board staff issues the ‘regular’ (non-interim) AOSS Installer license with the standard two-year term. If the applicant fails to take and pass the exam in that six month time period, before the extended interim license expires, that individual will no longer be legally authorized to perform services.

    * Under the new law, applicants with an expired or otherwise invalid (e.g., suspended) Interim AOSS Installer license DO NOT QUALIFY for the temporary license extension.

    Board staff will still process the License Application as usual and advise applicants of exam eligibility. Such individuals are not, however, legally authorized to perform services under an expired/invalid license.  

    • Interim license extension is not automatic—you must apply and be eligible to sit for exam.
    • If your interim license expired on or before MAY 23, 2014, you are not eligible for the extension under the new law. Board staff cannot change what the law says or its effective date.


    Questions? Contact Board staff by e-mail or phone at (804) 367-8595

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