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  • FOR RELEASE: July 27, 2012
    CONTACT: Mary Broz Vaughan
    Director of Communications, Legislation & Consumer Education
    (804) 367-9142 or Mary.Broz-Vaughan@dpor.virginia.gov 


    Beware of Phone Scams

    DPOR licensees may be target of bogus free offer

    Be wary of anyone calling to offer you free life insurance on behalf of DPOR or the state. Neither the agency nor the Commonwealth offer or endorse such products or services for obtaining or renewing a professional license.

    A DPOR licensee notified the agency she received a call claiming she was eligible for $2,000 of life insurance 'paid for by the state' because she renewed her cosmetology license. The caller then tried to schedule an appointment to 'sign the papers.'

    DPOR reminds consumers and licensees to protect themselves against telephone scams. Don't sign anything you don't understand, and don't give out personal data such as bank account numbers. Learn more about preventing scams by visiting the Federal Trade Commission's "Who's Calling?" website.

    Every regulant's Virginia-issued professional license number, name, license issue date, license expiration date, license classification, license status, and address of record are identification factors subject to public disclosure under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act. DPOR protects personal information from disclosure, including social security numbers, bank or credit card account numbers, and any other data that may cause harm or injury to an individual or business.