• New Laws Effective July 1, 2018

    Selected DPOR-related legislation passed by the 2018 Session of the General Assembly

    Regulatory Board  Bill No.  Topic 
    APELSCIDLA HB 523 Board composition; citizen members
    Barbers & Cosmetology HB 1554 Two-tier barber licensure
    Barbers & Cosmetology HB 790      License exemptions
    Common Interest Community HB 923 POA/Condo disclosure documents 
    Common Interest Community HB 674 Time-share developer bond/letter of credit
    Common Interest Community HB 1031 Allowable fees for disclosure documents 
    Common Interest Community SB 722 Access to association records
    Contractors HB 101 Tradesmen license term extension
    Contractors      SB 569 License exemptions
    Contractors HB 164 Local building permit requirements 
    Real Estate Appraisers HB 1453 Evaluation definition, reporting requirements 
    Real Estate Appraisers HB 1506 Appraisal Management Companies; conform to federal requirements 
    WWWOOSSP HB 887 Maintenance definition; installer scope of practice 

    Complete information on actions of the 2018 Session is available on the Legislative Information System (LIS). A summary of all significant legislation is published by the Division of Legislative Services: In Due Course: 2018 Changes to Virginia's Laws (pdf).