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  • FOR RELEASE: December 8, 2010
    CONTACT: Mary Broz Vaughan
    Director of Communications, Legislation & Consumer Education
    (804) 367-9142 or Mary.Broz-Vaughan@dpor.virginia.gov 

    Defective Imported Drywall

    Beware of quick fixes; Hire only properly trained contractors

    Richmond – Some homes built between 2003 and 2008 – particularly in the Hampton Roads area – may contain defective imported drywall, also known as “Chinese drywall.” Such problem drywall has been linked to metal corrosion, strong odors and negative health issues. Federal and state authorities continue to investigate the issue of defective drywall.

    According to the Federal Interagency Task Force on Problem Drywall, at this time no scientifically proven test kits or inspection protocols exist to detect or fix defective drywall. Homeowners who replace potentially problematic drywall should hire only licensed contractors, including electricians and other tradesmen.

    “Homeowners forced to deal with damage caused by defective drywall are already frustrated and suffering,” said Mary Broz Vaughan, spokesperson for the Board for Contractors. “We want to help make sure those same homeowners don’t become victims of con-artists or substandard repairs.”

    Virginia law requires a state license – not just a local business license – for most contracting work or bids over $1,000. Consumers have very little recourse against unlicensed contractors. The Board for Contractors offers a free consumer guide, What You Should Know Before Hiring a Contractor, available for download at www.dpor.virginia.gov.

    Visit www.drywallresponse.gov for additional information about the federal government’s drywall investigation and resources for consumers.