Real Estate Board: Post-License Education

Real Estate Board: Post-License Education

Post-License Education (PLE) Curriculum

Effective as of January 1, 2019:

Section 54.1-2105.01 of the Code of Virginia requires all active new salesperson licensees to complete a Board-approved 30-hour post-license education (PLE) curriculum within one year from the last day of the month in which the license was issued in order to remain on active status.  

Failure to complete these 30 hours of PLE within the one year will result in automatic placement of your license on inactive status. 

Beginning January 1, 2019, the 30-hour PLE program will consist of NINE courses:

  1. Fair Housing, ADA and Civil Rights (2 hours)
  2. Real Estate Law and Regulations (6 hours) 
  3. Ethics and Standards of Conduct (3 hours)
  4. Current Industry Issues and Trends (2 hours)
  5. Agency Law (3 hours)
  6. Contract Writing (6 hours)
  7. Risk Management (3 hours)
  8. Escrow Requirements (3 hours)
  9. Real Estate-Related Finance (2 hours)


Board-Approved PLE Courses

Other Important Information

Active new salespersons who fail to complete the 30-hour PLE requirement within one calendar year of initial licensure will be placed on inactive status. For example, if your salesperson license was issued on January 1, 2018, you must complete all 30 hours no later than January 31, 2019. 

Failure to complete these 30 hours of PLE within one year will result in automatic placement of your license on inactive status. You cannot practice real estate in Virginia with an inactive license. You may re-activate your license by:

  1. Completing the 30-hour post-license education (PLE) requirement; and
  2. Completing and submitting an "Activate/Transfer Application"  - Salesperson form with the required fee.


You may renew or reinstate an inactive new salesperson license for up to one year after the license expiration date by completing the 30-hour post-license education requirement and meeting all other renewal or reinstatement requirements.

New Salespersons must complete the 30-hour Post-License Education requirement. They do not need to complete the 16-hour Continuing Education curriculum required of other salespersons. 

Post-License Education and Continuing Education are two completely different types of Board-approved education. Post-License Education courses will not be accepted as Continuing Education courses and vice-versa. (Visit the Continuing Education page to learn more about those requirements.) 

All Virginia Real Estate Salesperson Licenses--including those issued to new licensees--are valid for two years. Although New Salespersons must complete Post-License Education within one year of initial licensure to remain on active status, their license term is for two years. 

New Salespersons may carry over credit for Continuing Education courses taken in the last six months of the second year of their initial two-year license term, provided all 30 hours of Post-License Education have already been completed within the first 12 months of the licensure period. 

No Continuing Education is required of New Salespersons in their first two-year license term. However, some New Salesperson licensees—upon completion of their 30-hour Post-License Education requirement—may choose to begin taking Continuing Education courses in the six months just prior to renewing their license for the first time. 

If a New Salesperson completes Continuing Education courses in those last six months of the first licensure period, those hours may carry over to the 16-hours required of them during their second two-year licensure term pursuant to 18 VAC 135-20-101.