Real Estate Board: Pre-License Education

Real Estate Board: Pre-License Education

Salesperson Pre-License Education

In order to become licensed as a real estate salesperson by the Real Estate Board, applicants must:

  • complete 60 class/clock hours of a Board-approved Pre-License Course (PDF), and
  • pass the state and national portions of the examination

Broker Pre-License Education

In order to become licensed as a real estate broker by the Real Estate Board, you must:

  • complete 180 class/clock hours of Board-approved Pre-License Courses (PDF), and
  • pass the state and national portions of the broker examination, and
  • submit verification of experience (actively engaged as a salesperson for 36 of the 48 months preceding application).

Equivalent courses to Board-approved courses offered by an accredited university, college, community college, or other school or education institution may be accepted for broker pre-license education. Each course must be at least 45 class/clock hours or 3 semester hours. Proof of course completion, including a monitored, final written examination, is required for course approval.

You must complete a Real Estate Brokerage course. In addition to a Real Estate Brokerage course, you must complete either:

A) the three Broker-Specific Courses of Real Estate Appraisal, Real Estate Finance, and Real Estate Law; or
B) two of the Broker Specific Courses and one of the following Broker-Related Courses:

  • Real Estate Abstracting
  • Real Estate Contract Law
  • Real Estate Economics
  • Real Estate Feasibility Analysis
  • Real Estate Investments
  • Real Estate Math
  • Real Estate Property Management
  • Real Estate Property Law
  • CCIM designation
  • CRB designation
  • GRI designation
  • SIR/SIOR designation
  • Business Law
  • Commercial Mortgage Lending
  • Land Planning and Use
  • Urban Development

NOTE: Courses taken to meet continuing education requirements are not acceptable for pre-license credit in Virginia.

Original or certified copies of transcripts are required to verify broker pre-license courses.

Chart of Broker Pre-License Education Credit (PDF) for reciprocal applicants from other states.


Important Notice Concerning Coronavirus (COVID-19) - PSI Test Centers in Virginia


The CIB link is:  REAL ESTATE CANDIDATE INFORMATION BULLETIN. The CIB is also available in Mandarin, FrenchKorean, and Spanish

Fingerprinting Services:   

   DPOR is now offering another two fingerprint service options; PSI exam sites or Fieldprint services.  

  1. PSI exam sites can provide fingerprint services from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. No appointment necessary - to find a location nearest you. 
  2. Fieldprint offers sites throughout Virginia where license applicants can go to have their fingerprints taken via Livescan.
  • To use the Fieldprint service, applicants must schedule an appointment through Fieldprint's website at Learn more about the Fieldprint scheduling process here.


Exam Vendor PSI
(855) 340-3910
Frequency and Dates of Exam Daily
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Deadline for Application No application deadline.
Allow two weeks for processing of exam application.
Exam Fees (paid directly to PSI) $60
Exam Locations Charlottesville
Virginia Beach
Johnson City, TN*
Salisbury, MD*
*NOTE: Test sites located outside Va. are not able to do electronic fingerprinting.
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