Universal License Recognition

Universal License Recognition

Virginia Can Work for You! 

Universal License Recognition makes it easy for qualified out-of-state applicants already holding a valid license or certification in another state to get licensed in Virginia. Since implementation in the summer of 2023, over 400 professionals have transferred their licenses to Virginia. Individuals licensed in other states must apply for a license through the appropriate DPOR board before working in the Commonwealth. See below for ULR applications listed by occupation and unlock your potential in Virginia!


Complete an application for licensure by Universal License Recognition (ULR) if ALL of the following apply:

  • You hold a valid professional/occupational license or government certification issued from another state in a profession or occupation with a similar scope of practice.
  • You have been licensed or certified in that state for at least three years;
  • You have passed an examination and have met standards related to training; 
  • You have no disciplinary actions or pending investigations against any occupational license you have held;
  • You have no disqualifying criminal record (in accordance with §54.1204); and
  • You submit all fees required for your Virginia license or certification. 

Application fees are, non-transferable and non-refundable. 

What if my state doesn't require licensure or certification?

ULR applications are listed below. If you don't see an application for your profession or occupation, contact the appropriate regulatory board.

Asbestos Project Monitors
Barbers | Barber Instructors
Master Barber | Barber Instructors
Body Piercers
Contractors - Tradesman 
Contractors - Backflow Prevention Device Worker (Operator) | Elevator Mechanics | Accessibility Mechanic
Contractors - Water Well Systems Providers
Contractors - Residential Building Energy Analysts
Contractors - Automatic Fire Sprinkler Inspectors
Cosmetologists | Cosmetology Instructors
Estheticians | Esthetics Instructors 
Master Estheticians | Master Estheticians Instructors 
Certified Professional Geologists
Hearing Aid Specialists
Home Inspectors
Certified Interior Designers
Nail Technicians | Nail Technician Instructors
Polygraph Examiners
Real Estate Brokers
Real Estate Salespersons
Professional Soil Scientists
Onsite Soil Evaluator - Journeyman Alternative | Journeyman Conventional | Master Alternative | Master Conventional 
Onsite Sewage System Operator - Journeyman Alternative | Journeyman Conventional | Master Alternative | Master Conventional
Onsite Sewage System Installer - Journeyman Alternative | Journeyman Conventional | Master Alternative | Master Conventional 
Tattooer |Tattooing Instructors 
Permanent Cosmetic Tattooer |Permanent Cosmetic Tattoo Instructors
Master Permanent Cosmetic Tattooer
Waste Management Facility Operators
Waterworks Operator 
Wastewater Works Operator 
Wax Technicians | Wax Technician Instructors
Professional Wetland Delineators