The Real Estate Board licenses salespersons, brokers, and firms representing others in property transactions. The Board also enforces Fair Housing Law in cases involving real estate licensees and their employees.


We've created new forms and revised the Residential Property Disclosure Statement to reflect changes in the law effective July. 1, 2022.

Visit our Disclosure Forms page and make sure you use the correct version for real estate transactions.  


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1. Review the Quick Reference Guide: How to Apply for a Salesperson/Broker License

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Choosing Online Services allows you to enter information into the DPOR licensing system, submit payment, and automatically start the application process. Because this method expedites processing, DPOR encourages applicants to use Online Services when available.


Choosing an Interactive Application allows you to enter information directly onto fillable forms, save to a personal computer for your records, and submit the completed forms electronically (by e-mail or FAX).

  • Fillable PDFs do not open correctly in some Internet browsers. If you get a "Please wait" message, try a different browser (Internet Explorer usually works) or right-click on the form link, save it to your computer, and then open from the latest version of Adobe Reader. More troubleshooting resources here 

Choosing Static Applications only allows users to print the PDF and complete the form by hand, resulting in the slowest processing. The advantage is that you can access them on a variety of electronic devices with minimal difficulty.

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Quick Reference Guide | How to Apply for a Salesperson/Broker License

What is a REALTOR®?

A REALTOR® is a licensed real estate agent (salesperson or broker) who is also a member of the National Association of REALTORS®, a private professional organization.

The Real Estate Board licenses real estate salespersons, brokers, and firms. The decision to join any professional association is voluntary and unrelated to state licensure.

State law requires a license to practice real estate, but does not require any licensee be a REALTOR®.

How do I contact the Board office?

You may reach us by phone at 804-367-8526 (Licensing Section) or 804-367-2406 (Education Section), by FAX at 1-866-826-8863, or by e-mail at Additionally, if you have information that you would like to mail to the Board, please send it to:
Real Estate Board
Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation
9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 400
Richmond, VA 23233

The Board members do not work in the Board office. They come into the Board offices for Board meetings and hearings, but are not here on a daily basis. Board office staff members can answer your questions and are trained to process all information that comes into the Board office. Please do not contact Board members directly.

What are the qualifications for licensure by exam?

Salespersons must complete a 60-hour course ("Principles of Real Estate") and pass the State and National portions of the salesperson examination. Brokers must complete 180 hours of required broker-specific and broker-related courses, pass the State and National Portions of the broker examination, and submit verification of experience (actively engaged as a salesperson for 36 out of the 48 months preceding application for licensure). Also see Quick Reference Guide to Licensure.

What are the broker education requirements?

A total of 180 classroom hours of Board-approved courses is required. Proof of passing the course and a monitored final examination are required for course approval. You must complete at least three courses from the broker-specific courses below. One of the three must be a 45-classroom hour real estate brokerage course. 

Broker-specific Courses:

The remaining hours may be broker-related courses.

Broker-related Courses:

Note: The maximum allowable credit for a single broker-specific course is 60 hours, and 45 hours for a single broker-related course. Any principles of real estate course taken to meet the salesperson education requirement is not acceptable to meet the broker education requirement.

I am licensed in another state and wish to become licensed in Virginia. Can I apply through reciprocity?

Yes. Applicants for a salesperson license must (1) pass the State portion of the examination, (2) submit verification of completion of a 60 hour course called "Principles of Real Estate" and (3) submit letters of certification from other jurisdictions where licensed. Also, in order to apply through reciprocity, the salesperson MUST hold a current salesperson license in another state. 

Applicants for a broker license must (1) pass the State portion of the examination, (2) submit verification of experience (actively engaged as a salesperson or broker for 36 out of 48 months preceding application for licensure), (3) submit original transcripts or certified copies of transcripts from the educational institution where the applicant completed 180 classroom hours of broker pre-licensing courses substantially equivalent to Virginia's real estate education requirements, and (4) submit letters of certification from other jurisdictions where licensed. Also, in order to apply through reciprocity, the broker MUST hold a current broker license in another state. 

How do I apply for the examination?

Contact the Board's examination vendor, PSI (1-800-733-9267).

I am licensed in Virginia, and applying for licensure in another state.The other state is requesting verification of my Virginia license. What do I need to do?

Please complete the Certification Request Form (PDF) and send it with a check for $35.00, made payable to the Treasurer of Virginia. Specify where you would like the certification to be mailed.

My license is on inactive status. Do I still need to renew? 

Yes, an inactive license must be renewed. The renewal fee is the same, however,an inactive licensee is not required to meet the continuing education requirements.

NOTE: All salespersons (active or inactive) renewing their licenses for the first time must complete 30 hours of post-license education (instead of continuing education). 

How do I go about filing a complaint against a real estate licensee?

If you have a complaint about a licensed real estate salesperson, broker, or firm, first try to settle it with management. If you cannot resolve the issue, you may file a report with the Regulatory Programs and Compliance Section.

I need to renew my license, but I haven't received my renewal form. What do I need to do?

No earlier than 60 days prior to your license expiration, send in the renewal fee, make checks payable to the Treasurer of Virginia, and include your registration number on your check. Please note that if you wish to renew on active status, you must meet the education requirements. If you have had a change of address, include a letter with your new address. Mail this information to:
Real Estate Board
Department of Professional & Occupational Regulation
9960 Mayland Drive, Suite 400
Richmond, VA 23233

You CANNOT continue to practice in Virginia after your license has expired or if your license is on inactive status.

My renewal payment was one day late and I have always paid on time. Can you waive the late fee?

No. Board regulations provide a 30-day period after the expiration date in which a license may be renewed without penalty (therefore, your payment is actually 31 days late). Staff cannot waive the fee.

Regulations state that if the requirements for renewal of a license, including receipt of the fee by the board, are not complete within 30 days of the expiration date, a reinstatement fee is required.

Once your license expires, you no longer have a license to practice real estate. The 30-day period is not a license extension, but only an additional 30 days to complete your education and submit payment without having to pay the reinstatement fee.

I did not renew on time because I didn't receive my renewal card. Do I still have to pay a late fee or reinstate my license?

Yes. Board regulations state that failure to receive the renewal notice does not relieve the licensee of the obligation to renew.

Does the Board office use the date of receipt or the postmark date to determine whether an application or renewal was received on time?

The date the application or renewal was received in the agency determines whether it is on time, not the postmark date. If the renewal fee is received after the due date, you will be required to pay the reinstatement fee. If the reinstatement fee is received after the due date, you will be required to reapply for licensure, meeting all current requirements.

My address and/or name has changed. What do I need to do to notify the Board?

Many Boards allow you to update your ADDRESS using Online Services, so login to your personal profile to see if this is an option for your license type. The alternative is to complete, print, sign, and submit an Address Change Form to the Board office by mail. Unless updated online, all Address Change Forms must be received by the Board in writing. When providing a post office box as the mailing address, it must be accompanied by the physical address.

To report a NAME CHANGE: complete, print, sign, and submit a Name Change Form to the Board office. All name changes must be received by the Board in writing. Individual name change requests must be accompanied by a copy of a marriage certificate, divorce decree, court order, or other official documentation that verifies the name change.

  • Business Law
  • Real Estate Investments
  • Property Management
  • Real Estate Abstracting
  • Urban Development
  • Real Estate Feasibility Analysis
  • Commercial Mortgage Lending
  • Real Estate Math (completed before 12/86)
  • Land Use Planning
  • GRI(all parts)
  • CRB (all parts)
  • CCIM (all parts)
  • SIR/SIOR (all parts)

Real Estate Board

Board Executive Director

Anika Coleman

Licensing Operations Administrator

Vanessa Degraw

Regulatory Operations Administrator

Breanne Lindsey

Member Roster

Board Member Roster

Kemper Funkhouser | Chair

  • Licensee Member
  • Term ends June 30, 2025

David Perry

  • Licensee Member
  • Term ends June 30, 2024

Douglas Roth

  • Citizen Member
  • Term ends June 30, 2026

Cavelle Mollineaux

  • Licensee Member
  • Term ends June 30, 2026

Nancy "Nan" Piland

  • Licensee Member
  • Term ends June 30, 2024

Margaret "Maggie" Davis | Vice-Chair

  • Citizen Member
  • Term ends June 30, 2024

Anna Thronson

  • Licensee Member
  • Term ends June 30, 2026

Catina Jones

  • Licensee Member
  • Term ends June 30, 2024

Kermit "Kit" Hale

  • Licensee Member
  • Term ends June 30, 2027

Board members are appointed by the Governor. To learn more about the gubernatorial appointment process, visit the Secretary of the Commonwealth's website.

The Real Estate Transaction Recovery Act provides relief to eligible consumers who have incurred losses through the improper and dishonest conduct of a licensed real estate salesperson, broker or firm. Filing a claim does not guarantee payment.

Looking for information about the Contractor Recovery Fund? Visit the Contractor Board page.

Learn more about the Real Estate Recovery Fund.

DPOR stands ready to assist veterans and active-duty military personnel as they maintain or transition to civilian careers requiring professional credentials.

Active-duty military personnel and their spouses having served outside the U.S., as well as certain diplomatic service members and veterans, may be eligible to receive up to a five-year extension for meeting license renewal requirements (pursuant to Section 54.1-117 of the Code of Virginia).

Spouses of active-duty military personnel assigned to a duty station in Virginia are eligible for expedited processing using the Military Spouse Expedited License Application (Interactive | Static). A temporary, non-renewable 12-month license for certain military spouses licensed in another state who need more time to meet Virginia-specific requirements is also an option if necessary. [Section 54.1-119

  • Military spouses also can get help covering the costs of transferring their professional licenses or certifications when they experience a permanent-change-of-station move with their service member spouse

For honorably discharged veterans, “substantially equivalent” military training, education, or experience may be credited toward certain license requirements (pursuant to Section 54.1-118). The Virginia Department of Veteran Services does not reimburse for exam costs. However, Veterans can be reimbursed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The link for the information is here:

(Please check back periodically as we modify transactions in the future.)

Transfer active salesperson license

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  • Not for new applicants
  • Cannot be used to activate


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